Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Welcome to Our Adoption Adventure!

We're so excited to start down the road to adoption! We've always wanted to be parents, and have been trying to have kids since we got married in 2012. We've had two miscarriages, and have learned we have unexplained fertility. We decided to keep trying, but also to adopt! We know there are so many kids waiting for a forever home in foster care, so we wanted to adopt through foster care. To adopt in Idaho you have to become licensed foster parents, and we started the licensing process to become foster parents in Idaho in January 2014. We became licensed in May, and have done respite for a few months, and became full-time foster parents in December 2014. 

We have learned through fostering in Idaho that it's very hard to adopt through Idaho (through Foster Care). Idaho is all about keeping kids with their families. We love this, but also want to adopt so we have decided to go through an adoption agency- A New Beginning Adoption Agency in Boise, Idaho. They have a Waiting Child Program that will allow us to adopt from foster care in any state. They also offer tons of training, support, advocacy, and resources before, during, and after adoption. 

Our blog will be all about this adventure! We want to share more about who we are, what we learn through this journey, and encourage others who are interested in fostering, adopting, etc. We love that we have amazing family, friends, and a wonderful community that is supporting us as we keep going through the process to become parents! 

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