Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Little About Us

Becky & Jeff in Cannon, Beach, OR

In this blog we'll not only share about our Adoption Adventure, but who we are, where we live, and our road to come parents. You don't have to be married to foster or adopt. We've been married since August 2012, and as foster parents of two kiddos, we're thankful to be able to have each other to help, love, and support the kids, and one another. 

Jeff is from Gleed, Washington. He is the youngest of four kids, and his parents have been married for 58 years! Jeff grew up playing, and loving sports- Baseball, football, basketball! Being a Washingtonian he's a loyal Seahawks, Mariners, (and if they were in Seattle) Sonics fan! Jeff loves fishing which is great since Jeff works for the Forest Service as a Fisheries Tech. His job with the Forest Service brought him to Idaho (he's also lived in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon). Jeff loves the outdoors, and travel, which is wonderful because so does Becky. We look forward to being able to travel together with our kids in the future! 

 Becky is originally from Portland, Oregon. She's the oldest of four girls, and all her family now lives on the Oregon Coast. Becky has lived in Oregon, Washington, Maryland, and now Idaho. Becky loves reading, travel, writing (she writes children's books), animals, and community theater! So many of these tie into her job as the Library Director at the Grangeville Centennial Library. Becky's worked professionally with children, teens, and families for over 25 years. 

In the next blog post we'll share about how we met and became a family!

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