Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies

Monday, April 13, 2015

Green Means Go

                                           Our First Picture Together (at a Mariner's Game)

I'm going to confess something. Jeff and I totally kissed on our first date. Now that we've been married almost three years I'm fine sharing that detail. We'd "met" five months earlier through E-Harmony (thanks to some prodding from friends). Jeff was in Elk City, Idaho and I was nannying in West Seattle. The funny thing is that he didn't want to connect with anyone as far away as Seattle, and I definitely didn't put Idaho in my preferences (ew, Idaho)...but divine intervention is a wonderful thing!

We matched up in November 2009, starting e-mailing outside of E-harmony in January, and then started talking on the phone in February (Jeff asked for my phone number for a birthday present--pretty slick on his part). We talked and talked and talked. We found out we knew mutual families (my former boss's mom had worked with Jeff's mom for years! His cousin went to school with some of my Cannon Beach friends! Crazy!?!). We also had mutual interests, goals, and dreams for the future.

For our first date met in Yakima, and spent the evening talking and talking more. He was exactly how he seemed, and it was like a continued conversation from the last few months. After a few hours of talking I was thinking, I'd hold his hand if he offered it, and then there it was reaching for mine.

Now about the kissing...Jeff mentioned in one of our many conversations it was sometimes hard to know when it was alright to kiss someone on a first or early date. Girls give mixed signals, so he said. I told him I'd make him flash cards. Red light meant no way, and Green light was go! We had such a nice evening, and I felt at peace about everything that Jeff got the green light!

We dated for almost two years (long distance, I might add!) until February 29th (Leap Day) in 2010 when we got engaged, and married six months later in August 2012. Now, this isn't a plug for E-Harmony. This is our story, and I love that everyone has their own story of how they met their true love!
                                            The first picture I saw of Jeff...I love this still!

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