Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Options

We were recently approached by the state with a possible opportunity to adopt two siblings (not the ones we are currently fostering). The state wants to know if we're interested, and shared some details with us. We have asked for more details, and are considering the possibility. It's hard knowing that any kid(s) we bring into our home will bring a short lifetime of hurts and trauma. We have to figure out what we're able to take on because we are and aren't equipped to deal with some scenarios. There will be help and resources available, but without knowing the future it's hard to know if we're best equipped for those children. We can provide love, routines, advocacy, access to resources and services, but what if we aren't able to really help someone? When we adopt it needs to be a permanent placement. The kids in foster care don't need to keep shuffling around. They need homes. How do you know if you're the right people? It's not that we're lazy, or unwilling, it's wondering where is the best place for these kids. Is it with us? It's definitely had us thinking, wondering, and praying about what to do. This also would either interrupt or cancel the private adoption. You can really only take on one kid (or sibling group) at a time, so that you can focus on them, and their needs to the best of your ability. We're honestly not sure which direction we should head. It's nice having options, but sometimes too many options can feel overwhelming. We just want to offer our home, hearts, and lives to kids that need it. So we're trying to figure out which option might be best. We originally signed up to foster so we could adopt through the state. So, we will see. Would love prayers, and good thoughts <3 Much love from the Hosmans <3

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